Tyler Perry Foundation Inc

541 10th St Ste 140, Atlanta, GA 30318
404-355-6870 [Edit]
EIN: 260426383
Contact: Hiten Patel

The Tyler Perry Foundation has made contributions to the Atlanta Food Bank to further support for individuals in need by distributing food to the community.

Grants have also been made to Creative Steps in Philadelphia, which provides charitable education to help heal children who were discriminated against at their local swim club.

The Foundation also supports the restoration and stabilization for at risk and homeless individuals and families so they can thrive and become self-sufficient via grants to Atlanta's Hosea Feed the Hungry and Homeless Program.

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Hello Mr. Tyler, I have a daughter shes 11 yeas old . She has dyslexia until now she doesn't know how to read or to write and I cant afford a privte tutoring because I have seven months baby and I cant work, and my husband went back to school. I feel embarrassed asking you to help, my daughter to change her life before she drops out .I know her life will change by one touch , and that could be you. If you like to contact us please email me fatoon1@yahoo.com Thank you and God Bless You.

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Good morning Mr.Perry, On march 11,2010 i was release from prison after severing 7.5 year,this same day i lost my lost my mother to cancer and never knowing she was sick. My family kept it a secret from me because i was incarcerated and my mother wanted me to come home. I understand her theory but imagine the shock that took place in my heart. After the burial my llife took a turn. As you stated " when my mother took her last breath, i was able to take my first because i would not be a source of pain for her as long as she was alive" I feel those same words as your words penetrated my soul. At this moment i live in a shelter and i work very hard at giving back the love that was given to me from so many strangers. I am motivated by helping. I work as a volunteer for many organizations such as covenant house california as a mentor and a assistant life skill counselor. I am now a professional interventionist, a member of the Smash Foundation as director of Re-Entry, A Drug and Ahcohol Specialist and i sometimes do motivational speeches. So as you can see i work hard in making change. With all these job i have yet to be employed. My back ground keeps me in the volunteer position without pay. Its almost like this, they need my expertise but they don't have the pay to hire me. Wow, don't get me wrong i will always do the best that i can but it would sure be nice to have a paycheck. Homeless is where i stand even with all the things i do. People ask me to do short films about there programs and how it has help me. I am so sincere about it i agree and don't think about pay. The stroy of my life always willing to help. My faith has gotten stronger over the years. I believe God has a plan for me that i never even thought about. I believe that i can achieve all that i dream and that it all come with hard work and determination to show my mother who i sitting on angles wings that i heard her every words. I'm 54 African American woman living in proverty but feel like i am richer than ever been because i believe dreams do come true just by reading your stories and watching all that you put for entertainment to the public.It's story like yours that give me hope. My e-mail is zondrejohnson@yahoo.com

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My name is A. Dorsey, I live in Cleve, Oh, and my situation isn't the best right now, i'm not looking for a handout, i'm searching for help finding employment so that I may continue to support my 4 kids and find us a home again. My email is atoiad@yahoo.com. Thank you and God Bless You.

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I hope this messages reaches you and find you in the best of health and success. My name is April and I am a aspiring business owner. I am aspiring and have been given the purpose of my life to work with young women and children. My purpose is to own and operate my business that I have constructed over a years time called In God's Timing Transitional Housing LLC in Los Angeles, CA. I will provide much needed shelter for the homeless women and children here in Los Angeles, CA. My purpose is to not only provide shelter but to enlighten, enhance and encourage our clients so that upon completing our program they will have learned and succeeded in regaining the tools of Spirituality, Stability, Security, Stamina, Self-Esteem and Self-Sufficiency. The reason that I am writing is because I am at a stand still in getting my business up and running. The banks are not lending money to small businesses and even if they were my credit rating just doesn't fit the criteria. I am reaching out for help now because I have checked all of my resources and nothing seems to be the right fit. I am asking you Mr. Tyler Perry if there is any way possible you can point me in the right direction. I am in need of a business loan, business line of credit, investor or just a donation which is of course tax deductible. I would love to further discuss my future endeavors with you personally if you are interested and available. However, I know that you are a very busy man doing God's will if I could share my vision with you that would be a dream come true but if that is not all possible then I will gladly accept your blessings and a little insight on who would be interested in funding my business based on my situation. If you are interested or know of a resource who would be interested, I will note my contact information at the end of this message. Thank you so very much for taking out the time to read my email. May God Continue to bless you and keep you inspiring others. You are truly a gift from God sent here on earth filled with Spirit!! Sincerely, April Holliman (310) 977-3653 Ingodstiming@yahoo.com

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Hello Mr. Perry...My name is Terrance Roberts and I am a recent leg amputee. I am from Atlanta, GA like your self.I have started a foundation which is called (Just Want A Prosthetic Leg Foundation). It benefits myself and others who cannot afford the expensive $20,000 leg and arms that we need to get around with. I'm wondering if you and your staff could help donate to the cause to recieve these artificial limbs to help us get around better.Our lives has been changed tremendously but praying and not giving up is the only thing we can do. I love your plays and me and my family watches your shows quite often. I hope I hear from you and your staff soon and thank you for your inspirational work you've done to the community. I can be reached at (770)990-3543 or (678)601-4469 thanks Mr Perry.

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Who is Tyler Perry? Oh, http://www.tylerperry.com/

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