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Parkside Covenant Church

14 Jarose Pl, Clifton Park, NY 12065
EIN: 141795099

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newbeginnings831 wrote a review on

On September 7, 2011 Kyle James Foote blindsided his 3rd wife with a divorce petition after 4 years of marriage. He'd blindsided his 1st wife with a divorce petition after 4 years of marriage as well after having an "emotional affair" with another woman who was on the church's worship team with him. That pastor, (unlike Paul McCart) asked Kyle to step down from leadership until he got his family in order according to 1 Timothy 3:5. But Instead of reconciling with wife #1 and their young son he moved on to wife #2 after she became pregnant with his second son out of wedlock. Their marriage also ended in divorce after 4 years. Soon after wife #3, Allyson Foote was abandoned she was presented with a list of demands by Pastor Paul McCart informing her she must leave her home in NY and return to Oregon where her parents lived. She was told she must sign legal Separation papers (at the express "recommendation" of Pastor Paul McCart himself.) She was told if she wanted her property to be returned and her health insurance to be reinstated she must sign and agree to this legal separation. Allyson wasn't given a single valid reason for why her husband was leaving her. The one and only email communication from her husband said, "None of this was Allyson's fault and that Kyle did not blame her at all." Kyle Foote also claimed many times in emails, texts and through pastor McCart that this was "not the end of their marriage but simply a break." A few weeks later however on the very same day Allyson's Dad was killed in an accident Kyle Foote broke his marriage vows and had his wife served with divorce papers. Unbelievably he did this even knowing his Father-in-law had just passed away. Allyson begged her husband and pastor McCart to bring any accusations against her forward so she could answer to them. Neither Kyle Foote or Paul McCart replied to any of her pleas for answers or compassion. Not a single accusations has ever been brought against Allyson directly. In fact Kyle Foote never reached out or spoke to his wife again once he'd left their home. Instead he allowed Paul McCart to speak in his place and even write letters on his behalf. Understandably Allyson was in shock and completely blindsided by the divorce petition as well as the demands given to her by Pastor Paul McCart. Allyson and her family considered these "demands" to be a form of blackmail and manipulation. Allyson's health is fragile and medical insurance in her case is life saving. Kyle had canceled his wife's health insurance just days before he left her and now it was being used as blackmail. Allyson and her family also wondered why Kyle's pastor and boss was so involved in the ending of his worship leaders 3rd marriage. Paul McCart also revealed that in addition to "recommending" this separation and divorce he had also used church money to retain a divorce attorney for Kyle. Even though Allyson was deeply hurt by her husbands betrayal she loved him and was 100% committed to making their marriage work. She wrote her husband a letter informing him of her intention to fight to save their marriage and letting Kyle know she would never give in to blackmail or help her husband end their marriage in any way. Allyson's desire then and always has been for reconciliation. Allyson refused to sign the legal separation and divorce papers even knowing the cost to her would be great. Before their marriage and during Allyson and Kyle both stated they did not believe in separation or divorce and made a commitment to each other and to God that they would never be a part of one. In the weeks before Kyle Foote left his wife he'd sent her love letters telling her what a great wife she was, how proud he was of her and promising her she never had to fear his leaving her or giving up on their marriage. He went on to say "divorce was not even an option for him." A few years before Kyle abandoned wife #3 for the final time he'd left her briefly for a few weeks. These letters were him recommitting to his wife and asking her forgiveness for damaging their marriage. Kyle Foote admitted he'd been a "terrible husband and father and wanted another chance to make things right." Allyson forgave him and was very hopeful for the future of their marriage. Kyle Foote had no intentions of leaving his family until Pastor Paul McCart became involved and inserted himself in their marriage. Instead of offering prayer or spiritual help for this marriage he recommended a legal separation and then divorce without a single counseling session or ever speaking to Allyson Foote. He would not even reply to the pleas of help from Allyson's family. It wasn't until Allyson reached out to Parkside Covenant Church that she found out she wasn't the only person this had happened to. Allyson received many letters from members and former members detailing the ways they'd been hurt and damaged by Paul McCart. When Allyson realized she wasn't the only victim she decided she must speak up and tell the truth. For the full story including copies of Paul McCart and Kyle Foote's letters please visit;


Parkside Covenant Church is a Subordinate Association. Its Group Exemption Number (2650) indicates that it is a member of the Parkside Covenant Church. For Tax purposes Contributions are deductible. The organization is a Church 170(b)(1)(A)(i)

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