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Our mission is to help underserved kids learn to read and write in 3 languages (English, French, Creole) before they are 10 years old. We ask for donations to help our work internationally. BROADCASTING-MISSION # 2 College Yba show (College de L’Autorite Haitienne®) Emission focus on education and socio-economic cultural rights for underserved kids and adults, such as the rights to continue education, right to housing, right to adequate standard of living, and the right to health and remember ‘’those rights are recognized and protected in International human rights documents’’ Program created by Dr. Yves Bien-Aime, School Economist cataloging at the library of Congress. Weekly subject or Sujet hebdomadaire: Protest against deportation of our brothers & sisters as Criminals or Illegal entries. What we ask? just a last chance for them, which is funding resource to help them petition or appeal deportation order, then give them low wages, left over jobs & training them for new skills in our tech research and advisory center !!! Thanks, (857) 318 30 09 Show patronated by College the YBA Network Inc, Auto store, Used or New and more consulting, no big money, every thing goes !!! (857) 318 30 09

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Our mission is to help underserved kids to learn to read and write in 3 languages (English, French, Creole) before they are 10 years old. We ask for donations to help our work internationally.

Dr. Yves Bien-Aime is a researcher who won a Nobel Prize in economics for highlighted health and economics research literature on two textbooks, which were about top secret information on life management in 1995. His research was considered or accepted to be an independent doctorate in economics and he returned those books to the librarian authority where he was in school.

Moreover it was the result of the following: after he took the police examination and passed the background checks with high score, then selected to be a multi- language candidate for police in Cambridge, Massachusetts in 1994 from there he went to study the education of criminal justice science on the request of the Cambridge police department for the purpose of paying more, although he did not get that job. Listen up, while he was in the course of his study Professor Paul White, his college or university advisor announced him that he won the Nobel Prize. As a result he took the opportunity to publish La mecanique de l’Auto and magazine because he got the concepts and experience of the Auto mechanic fabrication since 1979 in high school, he was specialized in the four basic cylinder engine, in which he owns a copyright at the Library of Congress, identify by tx 523-078 which also has the 8 points in theory of Haiti first auto machine by definition of Haitian tech (technologie Haitienne). In reference Haiti en marche vol XII #37 mercredi 21 octobre 1998. Here they are : Chassis # 1 comme la letre H magiscule qui se resemble avec la base de l’auto machine d’Haiti . Moteur,, force motrice, Suspension, Direction, Carosserie, Circuit eletrique ou Batterie. And his School teory at Fermathe 64 leads the Haitian to realize their first auto bus made in Haiti 2013.

Academically, he is a Quincy College graduate in partnership with UMass Boston with 152 college credits in education of criminal justice debt free in 2007 after 12 years. Remember, economics is the science that deals with productions or service, in addition you may also be earning your High school diploma at any age at home by taking up 25 academic courses, high school curriculum based just in a year ad B grade is required to pas, comme disaient Mr. Paris and Ambroise. Therefore final thanks to the staff of the Brookline Public Library and God bless America.

This meeting is for the family. Remember this an advisory program that will keep children out of trouble anywhere in the world. Here is how a family must raise their kids in order to be happy with them. A family must raise their children based on the following concepts by telling them: To stay in school, do not drink or smoke, be polite. Work hard to make a living with respect for others. Apply good language communication skills as a solution. Dress based on their family’s style. Keep their culture in leadership and trust in God.

Remember the French alphabet has the same 26 letters that the English alphabet does. Ladies and gentlemen learning to speak English or French- Creole is about the mastering the basic alphabet with vocabulary and pronunciation, for example. Kindergarten is about learning colors and language history. Elementary is about learning grammar and history. Secondary is about redaction or history essays. University is about research and dissertation history. Once again l’education est le pain quotidien pour les enfants. Therefore happiness starts there.

Remember also the parts of speech are basic in teaching kids to read and write. For example Adjective, Adverb, Conjunction , Definite Article, Indefinite Article, Interjection, Noun, Preposition, Pronoun, Verb.

In conclusion, College Yba is a communication consulting business that provides educational service to the children from the age of 3 to any adult age and beyond for a low cost or for free since 1996.Please we ask for donation to help our work.
Our activity is to raise fund to encourage and compensate kids to learn, to read and write in 3 languages, English , French, Creole, which is already provided good result. I remembered that from a psychology course at North-Eastern University, where Dr. Feinstein a Psychologist , PH.D Professor was told the behavior is learned. Therefore, more kids stay out of delinquency and they promote good behavior, by keeping their identity or culture. Basically your cash- grants will help us to lease or purchase a building, including school supply, furniture, . Howerver it will be greatly appreciated and make a difference that show you understand the needs of others, it is tax deductible.
Please join us by sending your donation to:

College the Yba Network Inc
Pobox 35961 Brighton, Mass 02135

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