End Hunger Fund

Help Eradicate Hunger Today.

The stories of people suffering from hunger are truly horrifying, and the numbers of starving people are climbing worldwide.

Africa is experiencing the worst drought in 60 years, and millions are starving.

A record 50 million Americans went hungry in 2009 because they did not have enough food.

In a globe blessed with plenty of food, every 3.6 seconds someone dies from hunger. That’s 12 million children every year.

We need to help the mounting numbers of people suffering from hunger, who are stuck scrambling to provide basic food for their families.

What can you do? Together, we can dramatically reduce these numbers, freeing millions from the crippling grip of hunger and malnutrition. By making a donation to the Charity Blossom End Hunger Fund, you deliver money to charities and causes dedicated to eradicating hunger. Your contribution today can bring food and hope to someone tomorrow. Each dollar you give can feed a family for a day.

You can help. Give today. Make a donation to the Charity Blossom End Hunger Fund.