Better Health Fund

Basic Healthcare Is a Right not a Privilege.

The statistics on the appalling state of healthcare are heart wrenching:

200 million children under 5 don't have access to basic healthcare. Even in the United States, 51 million residents are without basic health services.

Pneumonia, easily treated by modern medicine, kills more children than HIV, malaria, and measles combined.

100 million Americans a year are pushed below the poverty line by financially catastrophic medical bills.

Everyone should have access to basic healthcare. Current gaps in funding leave millions, if not billions, of people across the globe without access to medicine and medical assistance.

What can you do? Together, we can bring invaluable medicine and doctors to those who don’t have healthcare, easing their pain and lightening their load. By making a donation to the Charity Blossom Healthcare Fund, you deliver money to charities and causes dedicated to preserving and nurturing health without bias. Your contribution today can bring medical assistance and hope to someone tomorrow. Even the smallest donation can save a life.

You can help. Give today. Make a donation to the Charity Blossom Better Health Fund.