A Better Africa Fund

Bring Medicine, Education, and Food to Africa.

Africa is a striking continent, filled with beauty and spirit. It is also home to some of the most devastating epidemics.

Extreme drought in the Horn of Africa has created an ecological disaster, causing food and water shortages that have more than 11 million inhabitants starving.

3,000 Africans die each day of AIDS and an additional 11,000 are infected. Less than one percent of African HIV victims receive treatment.

Approximately 120,000 African children, some as young as 7 years old, are participating in armed conflicts. Children account for half of all civilian casualties in wars in Africa.

What can you do? Together, we can dramatically reduce these numbers, freeing millions from crushing poverty, created and perpetuated by vicious cycles of disease, warfare, and famine. By making a donation to the Charity Blossom A Better Africa Fund, you deliver money to charities and causes dedicated to administering medicine, protecting and educating children and feeding the hungry of Africa. Your contribution today can bring life and hope to someone tomorrow.

You can help. Give today. Make a donation to the Charity Blossom A Better Africa Fund.