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Charity Blossom helps you find new donors and engage existing donnors. We understand that fundraising is one of the most pressing needs for your organization. We're here to help. Using Charity Blossom, donors can make contributions to help your organization, quickly, easily, and efficiently. We save you time and effort by bringing, processing, and managing donations.

Charity Blossom for nonprofits.

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Charity Blossom helps your nonprofit get found by visitors, potential donors, and donors. We process donations online, verify your charity, and send you contributions via grants. It’s easy - the basic Charity Blossom program is free and there is nothing to install or manage.

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Your page on Charity Blossom helps your charity get found. You can claim your page to add a logo and information, and get accredited to provide more trust. Use Charity Blossom options to communicate with donors via Facebook, Twitter, email, and newsletters.

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Engage your donors

Sign up to get donor information and insights to help manage, understand, and cultivate donor relationships. Our tools can help you ramp up number of donations, nudge up donation amounts, and build stronger relationships with donors. While Charity Blossom does not itself solicit donations, our tools are here to help you do so.

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