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Here are some answers to a few common questions:

Q: I've made a donation and now have changed my mind. How do I rectify this?

A: Our official terms of service are found here ("Donation Processing"). However, please send us an email at so we can sort out this situation. Please include the organization name (EIN would be even better), the amount you donated, the date of donation, and the email address you used to make the donation.

We strongly advise you NOT "cancel" your payment (with your credit card company or PayPal). This will result in a delay in rectifying the situation, create complications in resolving the issue, and typically result in a service fee that we will account for in any resolution. Contact us first, as noted above, at

Q: I don't want information about a nonprofit to be displayed. Can you please remove the listing?

A: We are a community resource of publicly available information. As such, we service both nonprofits and visitors (typically donors and potential donors) wanting information about nonprofits. We balance these two interests. We want to transparently provide as must truthful information as transparently as possible. A nonprofit can claim their listing and elide some of the information but for the most part we do not allow for the complete removal of a listing. If there is a legal reason to update or remove a listing, please let us know.

Q: My organization does not wish to receive donations through Charity Blossom or receive grants from Charity Blossom. Further, we'd like you to remove the "Donate" button from the listing you have for my organization.

A: No problem. Please contact us at and we'll remove the "Donate" button from your listing and issue no grants to your organization. Please state the EIN or the URL for the listing page we have the organization. And, lastly, please state that you have the authority to make this request on behalf of the organization.

Please visit our Frequently Asked Questions if you have other questions. You can also contact us via

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We only receive incoming messages at this telephone number. If you would like a response, please send us an email. (We currently only respond via email.) Thanks!