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Life is short. You should live it to the fullest. You expect a lot from your job and career because you do great work. You are passionate about what you do and are in high demand because you are the best of the best. So, you can be picky. You want to work at a great place!

However, sometimes you want even more; a rewarding and fulfilling life where you can make an even greater impact on your local community and beyond. Is it possible to blend “doing good” with a great job? Perhaps you’ve considered working or volunteering at a nonprofit. Unfortunately, these kinds of opportunities are difficult to accept because either they don’t pay very well or the work environment (i.e. the mix of technical work and altruistic contribution) of a nonprofit just wasn’t quite right.

At Charity Blossom, we think differently. You can have it all—competitive salary, benefits, and stock options. Plus you are doing good and giving back to your community. Oh, and having fun.

And, you believe in the startup experience. A small team can do more than a large company. You want to disrupt the status quo. You want to roll up your sleeves and get stuff done. And, last but not least, you live the dream of being amply rewarded financially because you believe your stock options will be worth something (a lot!).

Come join us on our mission. We’re looking for a few great people that want to have fun, work hard, and do good. Send us an email at and help change the world!

Jobs Opportunities at Charity Blossom

Web Application Architect

We are looking for a senior application developer to help architect, design, and implement our next generation web application. You should have previous experience building large-scale web applications.

You have a thorough understanding and deep beliefs about development/deployment processes and infrastructure. You've successfully executed in a similar role in the past; Or, you were responsible for a gigantic disaster but learned from the experience.

  • BS or MS in Computer Science or equivalent. (Possibly a PhD)
  • Experience building scalable web applications in the cloud
  • Hands on work with web technologies such as Python, Ruby, Amazon Web Services, SQL and NoSQL

Web Application Engineer

We are looking for talented software engineers at all levels. You have great skills and smarts (maybe having designed and implemented applications on the web). You might have a lot of experience or little.

  • Same as above

User Interface Engineer/Web Graphic Designer

You are an expert in designing and developing XHTML/CSS websites that are web compliant and user-friendly. You can take high level requirements and concepts and express them as wire frames and a clickable prototype. You bleed on the edge of the latest web design technologies. Your skill set probably extends in a few directions – you might be a great graphic designer and Photoshop ninja. Or you have experience as a product manager. You can narrow a complex set of (sometimes) conflicting ideas and distill a clean and simple user experience.

Desired skills:
  • CSS/XHTML implementer (probably required)
  • Experienced at Visual and UI design skills
  • Photoshop master
  • Compass and Sass
  • Rapid prototyping experience in an iterative design process

Brand Marketing Guru

Come define and build the brand and positioning of Charity Blossom. We are looking for a consumer-marketing expert that can define and shape a visceral and emotional experience of Charity Blossom. You will shape the message of who we are, what we do, and why we are good and important. You probably have deep experience with branding on the consumer Internet. Perhaps you've worked at a nonprofit and understand how things get done -- or what hinders things from getting done. Perhaps you have an MBA. You understand why users are passionate about Web applications. You will work closely with our User Interface Engineer and Product Manager.

This could be a consulting position.

About Charity Blossom

Charity Blossom helps nonprofits. "A billion for a million" -- our goal is to help a million nonprofits raise a billion dollars a year. In the United States, we donate $300 billion to nonprofits. $100 billion is given through "micro-donations" of $5-$10,000. However, this money flows really inefficiently. Only 23 cents of every dollar make it nonprofit program services. And, only 4% of this happens on line. Further, fundraising is the #1 pain point for most nonprofits – they don’t have the time, resources, or expertise to do this effectively.

At Charity Blossom, we are out to transform the charitable giving paradigm. Utilizing the Internet, social media, and search, Charity Blossom disrupts this industry. Our focus is on the nonprofits - - we provide them with the platform to raise awareness for their cause, process donations, get new donors, and engage existing donors. We make fundraising easier and more efficient.

Come help us change the world by helping nonprofits! To apply send us a resume at