Charity Blossom Accredited Nonprofits and the Charity Blossom Badge of Trust

Become a Accredited Nonprofit and display the Charity Blossom Badge of Trust! At Charity Blossom, we believe Truth, Transparency, and Trust are the foundations of great nonprofits. Donors and supporters look to the Charity Blossom Badge of Trust as a symbol of trustworthiness, good governance, and accountability. We believe that only through trust can you successfully bring on new donors, engage existing donors, and ultimately, successfully execute on your mission.

Truth. Transparency. Trust.

Become an Accredited Nonprofit and earn the Charity Blossom Badge of Trust today!

General Requirements

Only nonprofits that qualify as a “Charity Blossom Accredited Non Profit” may display the Charity Blossom Badge of Trust. To become an Accredited Nonprofit, your organization must:

  • Be a tax-exempt organization under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code (or be in the process of filing for such status). 501(c)3 status requirements are found here.
  • Comply with all federal, state, and local laws, including filing documents required as a 501(c)(3) organization.
  • Adhere to the Charity Blossom Code of Conduct (A guideline of governance as specified in by the IRS)
  • Update and keep current the information listing on Charity Blossom.
  • Be truthful in disclosure of all information
  • Operate transparently by publicly disclosing or verifying your organization’s latest Form 990. When requested, you will provide copies of your Form 990 and Form 1023 filings.


You must certify that:

Note that Charity Blossom may update these requirements at anytime and, in order to be qualified as a Charity Blossom Trusted Non Profit, you must adhere to these new requirements.

Charity Blossom Badge of Trust

If you are a Charity Blossom Accredited Non Profit, the Charity Blossom Badge of Trust will be displayed on your Charity Blossom listing page. Also, you may display the Charity Blossom Badge of Trust on any website, newsletter, or other electronic media, so long as it is clear that the Badge of Trust is associated with your (and only your) nonprofit. Currently, the only way to display the Charity Blossom Badge of Trust is to include the appropriate javascript code snippet that Charity Blossom provides within an HTML document.


We charge a nominal annual fee for your nonprofit to be a Charity Blossom Accredited Nonprofit. How much? We let you choose! Our recommendation is a minimum of $100/month to a maximum of $1000/month. Essentially we ask for 1/10 of 1% of your annual revenue or gross assets. However, it's your call! -- give a little or give a lot. (We do require a minimum of $1/month.)

Blossom Up!


Acredited Nonprofits that sign up at a level of $39/month or more, qualify for the Charity Blossom BlossomUp! program. Qualified nonprofits get $120,000/year in Google Adwords, plus other services that help build their presence online, including a web site, a web address, email accounts, and document management software. Check out the BlossomUp! program here.

Official Terms of Service

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