Helping Your Charity Blossom

Charity Blossom is on a mission of social good. We're here to help your charities and nonprofits grow, bloom, and thrive. Your donations at Charity Blossom enable charities to carry out their missions. We help you find and support the causes that matter. Working together, we can help charities blossom.

For Donors

Individual donors are the foundation for nearly every nonprofit. Charity Blossom makes it easy for you to make all your donations in one place. You can make a donation to help nearly every recognized charity in the United States. It’s easy, and when you file your taxes, you’ll find all your donation receipts in one place! Learn more ...

For Nonprofits

Charity Blossom is here to help you. Charity Blossom donors are making donations to help your orgnization. We help people find your organization and make it simple to give online. So sit back and we’ll help you discover new supporters. Take advantage of our simple tools to communicate with donors and potential donors to get even more donations. Learn more ...

Donation Processing at Charity Blossom

Charity Blossom is is a 501(c)3 public charity. As part of its mission, Charity Blossom allows contributions from the general public into its donor advised fund and its field of interest funds. Learn more ...

Charity Blossom Accredited Nonprofits and the Charity Blossom Badge of Trust

Whenever you see the Charity Blossom Badge, you can be assured that the charity has agreed to be truthful and transparent. Only those Charity Blossom members that exhibit trust and transparency can become an Accredited Nonprofit of Charity Blossom and display the Badge. Charities should become a member, get accredited, and display the Badge to give constituents more confidence in the nonprofit. Details on the Charity Blossom Accredited Nonprofits and the Charity Blossom Badge of Trust can be found here.